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Rubba Duckies are now in Byfleet for Summer 2022!

Dear Parents,

As we approach the half way mark in 2022, I think we can all agree that this year is flying by. I thought a general email running through life at Rubba Duckies Swim School might be of interest and help.

Rubba Duckies are now in Byfleet for the Summer. On Monday 16 May 2022, We opened a Satellite branch of Rubba Duckies at Byfleet Primary School. We will be running lessons there over the summer. The pool is a 15m x 6m outdoor pool, with heating.

Ben Weightman, who many of you know and love, will be managing that pool. Ben and our new addition to the Rubba Duckie family Jono, will teach there Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays. If you have any friends in that area please spread the news and get them to contact me to book their children in for the summer.


You may have noticed we have a few new faces that have joined us since the last newsletter. Caitlin Moseley, from Godalming has joined us, teaching swimming full days on a Saturday.

Jono Maitre , has joined the team , working on the pool deck , teaching at Byfleet pool, and Boxgrove. One of our firm favourites amongst the children, Emma Goudge is back with us for extra hours on a Sunday afternoon at Boxgrove and Extra hours in the Fort Road pool. Heidi Jopson, is teaching on a Monday evening at Boxgrove and every other Sunday Morning at Boxgrove. Megan - The famous Teacher Megan , (the loud one), has gone on Holiday until the 1st week of July. She is travelling Europe with a group of friends. We will all miss her, and look forward to seeing her back in July.

Follow us on Instagram or Facebook, as Megan will be sending updates of her travel via our social media. Rogan, has taken a short break from teaching on a Saturday and Sunday, while he is writing his final exams. He will be back with us in June, but just needs the weekend to learn. We wish him luck for his exams.

Make up lessons

This is a topic that keeps coming up. With regards to Boxgrove pool, I will be putting a stop to makeup lessons from June. I know I have mentioned this in the past, but in April and May I have been running a list, on average, there are 15 - 20 children requesting a change to their class on a Saturday and Sunday. Generally, these changes are for parties, other activities etc. We have also had parents arriving at lessons and insisting that their children will swim an hour's class due to missing a class the week before. The staff on the pool deck find themselves in an awkward position, they don't want to upset the customer, but also don't want to over fill the class, or put a child in a class that doesn't suit their ability. This is not fair to the other parents or children who are attending their regular classes. I really hate to do this, but unfortunately, it has come to a point where it is affecting our teaching, making for uncomfortable encounter and it is causing too much disruption to too many classes. If your time does not work for you, please send me an e-mail, and we can see what availability, and other times we have, and will happily move your class to another day or time permanently.

These changes need to take place before the 20th of the month prior to the changes being made. Each teacher is given 4 children of a similar level, The teacher plans their lesson, around those 4 children. And the teacher is aware of their abilities and the class dynamic. Moving children around, and adding children of a different level, does not allow us, at Rubba Duckies, to deliver the standard of teaching which we pride ourselves on. It also upsets the class, as the routine is broken and the group has new children in and out of it every week. I hope you can understand that I am really not trying to be difficult. Make up lessons are meant for emergencies and not for parties, holidays, or other sporting events that pop up. I cannot allow the other families' lessons to be disrupted, so I hope you will understand my decision and please do not put me in the awkward position of having to say no.

As of June, I will not reply to emails or texts asking for make up lessons, I would appreciate it if you could accept that this has now come to an end. I am still happy to accommodate a make-up lesson, if your child is ill and has been booked off swimming by a doctor. My apologies in advance if I have upset anyone, it is not my intention, but it is my duty to ensure we deliver a high standard of teaching to your child.

Backstage at Rubba Duckies

STA Level Two teachers This month Myself, Megan, Jono, Phoebe, and Sienna have all done our STA Level 2 diploma. It has been many hours of studying and learning together. This coming Monday we are very Privileged to have Emie, from the STA, coming to Guildford to examine us, and spend the day at Rubba Duckies swim school.

Swim Awareness Week

Well done to all our swimmers who took part in our water safety/Swim awareness week, last week. It was super to see all the children having fun. This is a very interesting week for us teachers to teach. As the children are faced with many new situations, and problem solving events in their half an hour lesson. I do think making them re-enact these life threatening situations, which they haven't had to think of, allows them to think, learn and remember how to help themselves or others in an emergency situation. I also want to say a big THANK YOU and WELL DONE to each and every parent for enrolling your children and bringing them every week to swimming. As we got the statistic from STA, 1 in 3 children between the ages of 10 -16 cannot swim 1 in 5 children between the ages of 0 -16 cannot swim. Well done for being such brilliant parents and teaching your child a life skill that not only can save their lives but also help save someone else's life.

Staffing of Pools

I just want to touch on the topic of teachers, and their hours. I often get the question, why is there a different teacher in the pool? First of all, I want to ensure you, all the teachers communicate between themselves, sharing knowledge about each other's classes and groups. Our staff spend many hours together, in and out of work. So they are all committed and driven to get the same result for your child. Unfortunately, other commitments do come up, and some of the staff are studying, teaching and working at the same time. So if there are compulsory work/study days, their hours will be covered by another teacher, and any special information about a class will be passed on to the teacher on that day. If a teacher has a temperature, or is feeling poorly, we do not allow them to come teach within the 48 hr of feeling unwell. This is to protect the children and other staff from catching anything. This is normally when we have to see what members of our staff are available to full in at short notice. All of our staff, (except me!), are young and still have university holidays, or no big commitments in life. So during holidays, they do tend to take a weekend here or there to go visit their parents or go on a holiday. But this is planned for the month before when we are doing the teachers time tables and we make sure the correct fit of teacher covers for them and normally put the cover teacher in the lane with them so the children have seen them. As you can appreciate, life happens, and I can assure you, we try to keep the teachers in the same classes as much as possible. If there is a change, I can assure you, we have looked at the class and made sure we have matched the teacher's teaching styles as best as possible. If there is no show in a class, and a teacher's class is empty, the person on the pool deck will move a child or two to the empty lane, so that the classes are smaller and the kids get semi-private lessons. Just because we think it's to the children advantage.

If you have any issue ever , please do not hesitate to email me on and together we can find a solution that works best for you.

Queen's Jubilee

We will be celebrating the Queen's Jubilee at Rubba Duckies. Our lessons the week building up to the Jubilee with the theme around this celebration. We look forward to a fun few lessons.

May Half term

We will not be running holiday camps in the May half term. As it is a short half term with Thursday and Friday being a bank holiday. We will be closed the Thursday the 2nd and Friday 3rd of June.

NB: Rubba Duckies will be open Saturday the 4th and Sunday 5th of June.

Aqua Sensory / Aqua Duckies

Our third course of Aqua sensory classes at Fort road are in their 4th week with two weeks to go. These classes have been a huge success and so much fun to teach. We have loved creating a new themed classroom in the pool every week and watching the Mums and Dad enjoying their time in the pool with their babies/Toddlers and nursery school children.

What's even a bigger success is watching the children learn, and build such confidence through this play time in the pool with their parents, and how many of them have automatically gone straight into swim lessons, with a smile on their face. Enjoy the sunny summer days. Let's hope the weather warms up so that we can put the paddling pools up soon.

Thank you for your ongoing support, and all your referrals. Please do not hesitate to contact me for any questions or concerns you may have.

Please follow us on instagram and facebook too!

Regards Gaby Edelson

07956 162154

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