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About Rubba Duckies

Get To Know Us

Welcome to Rubba Duckies Swimming School! We are a swim school affiliated with STA and Aqua Sensory. Our mission is to provide a safe and enjoyable learning environment for children of all ages. With our experienced and certified instructors, we offer a comprehensive swimming program that focuses on water safety, skill development, and confidence building. Whether your child is a beginner or an advanced swimmer, we have the right program to meet their needs. Join us today and let your child dive into the world of swimming!

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What is Rubba Duckies?

Rubba Duckies is not your regular swim school, with one standard swimming program that teaches children water skills, so we can tick the boxes and give each child a level and a badge.

At Rubba Duckies we see each child as an individual.


We teach each child to their specific needs, and at the level they are comfortable at. We explain to each child why they are doing each step and make sure the learner is happy and understands.

Our Teaching

As teachers, we look at the personality type of the child we are teaching,


Are they outgoing or shy?


Are they nervous, or does their confidence out shine their ability?


We work and teach them in accordance to their personality.


We also take into account what type of parents they have;

  • Is their parenting style gentle or competitive?

  • Is the goal of the parent for their child to have fun, or is the parent there to achieve a certain goal as quickly as possible?

Our Teaching

Once the teacher has established all of this, it is our job to make sure the children have the best possible experience in the water.


We are there to teach them a life skill, and show them how much fun water can be!


It is our job to get them water safe, but also make them LOVE their lessons, through play and making them know just how special they are, and that they are not just another number in the class.


That is why we keep our classes small; so we can learn what their interest are, and have a relationship with each child.

Our Ethos

If a child has fun, and is praised for the positive they do,


-They will keep trying

-And if they keep trying

-They will not give up

-And they will SUCCEED


Rubba Duckies is a family, we are all one and we are there to support everyone; staff, parents and children!

Our Classes

Our Classes

Group Classes

Our Group classes consist of four swimmers to one of our experienced teachers - available exclusively at our Boxgrove venue


Private Classes

Our 2-2-1 classes include a pairing of two swimmers to one teacher, giving a more personal experience for your child. Available across all three of our Venues

Our private classes offer a one-to-one learning experience for you or your child. Classes available across all three of our venues

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