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One Tree Hill Pool

Our One Tree Hill pool offers the same experience as our Fort Road Pool in a convenient, easy-to-get-to second location. We offer our 2-2-1 and Private Classes here, meaning availability is increased for these high-demand classes!

At our One Tree Hill pool, we can offer any of our 2-2-1 or Private Classes.


Our 2-2-1 classes place two children of similar ability (whether that is siblings, friends or our other students) in a group with one of our many brilliant teachers, giving your child a close, personalised experience. 

Our Private classes are offered to anyone wanting to learn how to swim, improve their strokes or develop better competency in the water. A pairing of one swimmer to one teacher gives you or your child the chance to work with a teacher in a more private setting. 


Open on:

-Monday (3:30-5:30)

-Tuesday (3:30-5:30)

-Wednesday (3:30-5:30)


 Our One Tree Hill Pool is located at White Cottage, One Tree Hill Road, Guildford , GU4 8PJ

The small, private pool is suitable for private or 2-2-1 classes, however strokes classes would be more suited to our Boxgrove location

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