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Fort Road Pool

Acting as our base of operations, Fort Road pool is located at 10 Fort Road. We offer a select number of courses: 2-2-1 (two swimmers to one teacher) or Private (one to one classes for all ages), both of which give you and your child the peace of mind that your swimming is in capable hands!

At our Fort Road pool, we can offer any of our 2-2-1 or Private Classes.


Our 2-2-1 classes place two children of similar ability (whether that is siblings, friends or our other students) in a group with one of our many brilliant teachers, giving your child a close, personalised experience. 

Our Private classes are offered to anyone wanting to learn how to swim, improve their strokes or develop better competency in the water. A pairing of one swimmer to one teacher gives you or your child the chance to work with a teacher in a more private setting. 


Open on:

- Mon 9:00-18:00

- Tuesday 9:00-18:00

- Wednesday 9:00-18:00

- Thursday 9:00-18:00

- Friday 9:00-18:00


 Our Fort Road Pool is located at 10 Fort Rd, Guildford GU1 3TD.

The warm, private pool is suitable for private or 2-2-1 classes, however strokes classes would be more suited to our Boxgrove location

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